Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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Gosh, I felt like I had so many things to write about. So many things going through my head, I felt like telling it all on my blog, but then too much “meroyan” is not good, especially it’s about the same old thing. Well to summarize it all, sometimes I feel so insecure and so worthless when I start to feel stress. Am I smart enough? Why am I still fat? Why can’t I be taller? Are they looking at me? Why is no one looking for me? Why am I still a student, life is not fair, bla bla bla. Then I hit the gym and then I saw people who are fitter that I am, people who lost more weight that I am, those that looked better and so on. However after actually really lifting weights and then running on cross trainer, all I could think was… I am so tired…. I want to stop… When will this end…. I need water… I want to sleep… Yep all that insecurity was just sweated out into the IKEA white towel I have. All I want to do after that is eat and then have a good night rest. People do say I held my head up high, but god knows sometimes I want to crawl into a hole. I think its pretty normal as long I have someone that I could go on and on and on and on about the same thing and then I feel a lot better. Talking is good to let the stress out as long as the person agrees with me :p. Gym is good too, and its always a positive thing, although sometimes I still feel like crap, but at least I am a lighter crap. Food is a double edge, sometimes I will feel good but then the guilt of eating too much suddenly sink in later and on the weights. Okay enough blabbing about things people already know, how about some pictures…

I was invited to another makan2 with a new group of friends that I just met. So I had to bring my signature Oreo Cake. The irony of this cake is that not a single Oreo is used. Just the semi sweet of the cake and the sweetness of my homemade butter frosting gives it the Oreo feel. The cake itself is an instant Tegral Moist cake from Baguzz cake shop, but the cream is something I made from scratch.

This is an old blender it is like more than 15 years old, but still working. I always relate Kenwood with blenders, so I find it weird when there is Kenwood speakers.

Just throw the mix together and let it be mixed by the blender. I would do it by hand, but the mixture is so thick that is gets tiring.

Pop it in the oven and let it bake till the centre of the cake comes out clean. The hand blender is also another family heirloom. This blender existed as long as I can remember. There were many wonderful baking moments with this blended. My mother used to make cakes when I was younger, but now I guess its my turn to do it.

The finish product, all wrapped and ready to be taken to the event.

She and her new hubby (they are newly married couple) live in one of those many high rise in Sentul, which is quite near to some of my friends condominium.

One of the host of that night. The host told me that she found this cat in a "longkang" or ditch, or was it someone else found it.. Anyways, look how adorable he turned out to be. Always playful and mischievous. Quite cute when he was chasing fingers and then he was discipline by his "dad" in the house :)

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