Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ikea to Bantal to Chocolate

Yeah! I went to IKEA today! One of the best place to shop and waste money from my point of view. I went with my family to IKEA, because we had a list of stuff to get which consist of a drawer or closet for my family's tudung. There is so much of it, that they need space to organize it. A tudung for any occasion, any dress, any shirt, any baju kurung, any time, anywhere.

I did not want to look frumpy T_T going out with my family so I scour my closet for something that fits me nicely, I got this Espirit shirt out and wore it. I thought I had worn it before, but I was wrong. I have never worn it because I find it quite tight, but today it hugs me just nice. The fashionista of the house liked it (my sister, my mother). This along wearing pair of jeans that fits me perfectly is just barely comfortable and I am off. I guess the comments were true after all.. I am a lot leaner. Hik2, talk about a motivation at the gym today.

Pillow talk, we spend almost half an hour waiting for my mom to choose her pillow. We told her to just try sleeping on the sample beds to find out which has the best pillow and mattress protector. She failed to do that, so she asked my brother to test the pillows out for her, since she wanted the same type of pillow that the hotel my mother stayed at last week with my dad. Well we did found the pillow and it cost a whopping RM 189 O_O, it was filled with down and goose feather. She choose a slightly cheaper one for my dad at RM 169, while she goes for the RM 49 ones and a back pillow to watch TV which cost around RM 39.

I got a great deal on this candles. 12 pieces for RM 8.90. However these are regular candles, so they are not scented.

I got a sweet tooth and I need some imported chocolates. These are the ones my dad brought from the Duty Free Shop in Dubai while transiting from Sudan. These are not your local chocolates which contain mostly sugar and oil. These babies contain a lot more cocoa and is made with high quality ingredient. Don't fret about it, you can get the same ones or at least a different brand but with the same high quality at KLIA airport or at Langkawi.

Emmm good, vanilla fudge with caramel layered on the bottom with milk chocolate covering it to make a sinfully sweet dessert that melts heavenly on your tongue and stirs your soul. A bad day can be cure by eating just a piece of this devilishly good chocolate.

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