Thursday, March 19, 2009

Paste and Altered

Finally I got a chance to wear these shoes. They are a bit too formal to wear during my normal days, but to go on my co supervisor behalf is all the reason I need to wear them. Beside, fungus began to grow on the leather surface O_o

This what a poster supposed to look like. All coloured and graphical on a A1 size paper. Its not so expensive since it cost about RM 60 per poster.

I got stuck doing the A4 laminated size T_T, with small fonts. I felt very self conscious (It does not help that before I crop this picture, I look like a Nokia "sabun", since my slacks were so baggy at the thigh.. I am getting these slacks altered as we speak so that it actually fits my body instead of hanging on it for dear life)

However, my lab technologist said, not to worry because there will be other professor who will be doing the same thing :p. LOL, I guess its not so bad after all.
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