Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Aidil Fitri Abroad

I got bored of what to blog and I haven't taken any pictures lately since my camera is at the shop. I wanted to scan pictures of my past to share, unique ones that is. I think this is pretty unique to share. This was a Aidil Fitri picture of my family. Notice anything different, other than that I was younger, but still taller than the rest of my siblings :p. We were all wearing jackets and the trees had no leaves. Yup it was during Autumn. If I am not mistaken either 96 or 97 since that was the time I got my growth spurt. This was taken when we were in Norman, Oklahoma, US. My dad was studying there at the time and took us along. It was quite cold, hence the jacket. We celebrated Aidil Fitri in the Autumn and winter. So we had really short fasting days. I remember we had a white Aidil Fitri but not a white Christmas. Imagine playing snow fight in baju kurung and baju melayu. It was those memories that I will forever cherish. My mother had another child when we were there, but he died shortly after birth. We burried him there. I wonder if I could go back and visit his grave again. The sole boy in the family whose name does not start with Hairul (my brother and I share the same first name). His name Muhammad Johan.
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