Friday, March 27, 2009


Finally Talentime shows up in our cinema after a long wait. What is this story about? Go read other blogs, you already know my style when commenting the movie :D. I want all of you to be surprised as I did. One word to sum this movie up, CLAYPOT, musical Claypot. Of all the words in the world, why on earth did I choose claypot. Well first of all, like any Yasmin Ahmad movie, she tries to tell a story from her honest point of view. This story is quite Malaysian. We have the pure Malay, the mixed Malay, the typical Malay, the Tamil speaking Indian, the pompous and arrogant English speaking one, the uptight and cold Chinese, and the friendly and loving muslim Chinese. Don’t forget the English (Yorkshire) lady. Yes this movie has mixtures of characters and people just like a good claypot should. It’s a musical because there is a few scenes of them singing really great songs that is soon available to download :D or buy on the market. One thing different about this movie compared with the previous Yasmin Ahmad movies, is how Indian culture is the spotlight of the story. Her previous works mostly work on Malay, Chinese and Bapa Nyonya, now she focuses on the Indian community. You can see Hindu burials, temples, weddings and the family values of an Indian family. I like it.

Lets go to the characters shall we, there is no Sharifah Armani or any of her sister here on the screen, but she did co directed this film. Anyways first we have the lead female Melur , I though she was mixed malay and European, to my shock she is Chinese and European, her name is Pamela Chong Ven Teen, to top it off, she is Vince Chong, Akademi Fantasia first winner, sister. Did I mention she and her older sister Vannessa won second place in Amazing Race Asia. No wonder she looks so familiar. I wonder if that is her mother, Susan Chong who played as her grandmother in the movie. I mean she certainly has the sense of humour I remembered when she was being interviewed. Next we have the dashing Indian guy whose real name is Mahesh, which is the same name for his character in this film. According to the credits this is his first movie. Wow! this is a guy that is worth watching out for, he conveys his character oh so perfectly and its so believable that he made it effortless. Cheers that he got casted for this role. Next we have Hafiz who is played by Mohammad Syafie, whom we have seen in Mukhsin. This boy is almost on his way to become a man, but he still retains his charms that we all love in Mukhsin. Next we have Howard Ho Kahoe, who plays.. well Kahoe in the movie, the erhu playing ex top achiver on the school. Ironically Howard goes to the same school as Syafie. Gosh, did Yasmin did a casting call at Syafie’s school? He is pretty good playing an uptight Chinese boy with a father who is very harsh and hard on him. I would like to see more works of him in the future. Then we have Jacklyn Victor, our first Malaysian Idol with her first movie. She is also does a very good job playing the role as Mahesh sister.

I would love to obtain the sound track of this movie. Most of the song is sung by Atilia and Aizat, but mimed by Pamela and Syafie.

Speaking of the movie, there is a lot of “speaking”. I mean lots of English dialects along with Tamil, Malay and Mandarin/Cantonese (I forgot which one). These people speak the Queen’s English, very eloquent and very proper. I adore it, it makes me sound quite harsh with my Yank English.

How does it feel when you are in love? How does it feel to loose someone you hold dear? How does it feel when all you want to do is please your parent’s but it never seemed enough? How does it feel when you are rejected? Are words worth the moment of silence? Can music really heal the soul? Find out for yourself by watching Talentime. I cried, I laugh, and I went home happy.
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