Saturday, March 21, 2009

Of cars and food

I had a good night rest and woke up feeling great on Saturday, even when my mother changed plans yet again without telling me did not kill my good mood.

I sent the 190e to shop, the rear brake lights were not working plus I suspected the dirty spark plugs are not burning the petrol air mixture properly which causes my car to vibrate at idle. This is not normal for an in line 6 cylinder engine, because this type of cylinder arrangement is undoubtedly smooth. Unlike the 3 cylinder engine of my Viva, which is always shakes and shudders at idle, which is perfectly normal for a 3 cylinder engine. The vibration's are reduced when you step on the accelerator.

My first attempt at making my own homemade lasagna, using every possible shortcut there is that I know. I made a mistake by not making enough meat sauce and cheese sauce, but it turned out nicely. Yum!

Uhuhu.. okay, this is actually the first time I actually know what the amazing cheesecake at The Loaf is called. Its so adorable "Uhu hu", something that people type in instant messaging. Even the tag line is adorable (Let's say cheese (^u^)V) a typical Japanese smiley, which focuses more on the eye then the mouth to express feelings for example this is a American smiley :-)"\ while this is a Japanese smiley \^_^/.. see the difference..

Emmmm goood, I love the cheesecake and so does my mother who does not like cheesecakes. This is a cheesecake for those who don't like cheesecakes. Light and not so sweet. Delicious. RM 2.80 per cup, RM 15 for half a dozen and RM29 for a dozen.

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