Thursday, March 26, 2009

I can't do this.

I can't do this.

I can't performed the dissection of the frozen cats, rabbits and mouse deer (at least that is what my advisor told me of the content in the big black plastic bags)

Not because the only dissection I have done was on mice, not because I have no clue which part of the muscle to keep, not because I don't know is it possible to keep the frozen blood, not because the decomposing cats strangely smells like ripe mangoes.

But its because the animals was frozen solid.. and I can't cut through it. Also, when I am nervous I tend to sweat, and when one wears a spectacle while sweating the sweat gets into one's eye. Too add that problem, my specs kept fogging up from my own breath...

This is like CSI, but I am working on frozen carcasses.. Hmm this is like a pathologist work, which is basically studying the tissues after the organism death. Hmm.. forensic kinda of work you might say. A colleague of mine and my co advisor said forensic entomology is a good field to jump into because there not many of those in that qualification in Malaysia..

Hmm.. perhaps I am thinking too forward, let me get through cutting out this animals first...
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