Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not There Yet

Have you ever experienced a time when you are about to fall sick, but you managed to defer it for sometime. That is exactly what I feel is happening now. I feel like I am about to get a cold, but I took an antihistamine and Panadol. Sure enough, the cold and fever never appeared. However, my throat felt a bit coarse and it did not help that I decided to go karaoke and sang "Lagu Untuk Mu" by Meet Uncle Hussein, which consist entirely of falsetto when sang with my voice. In addition, I did not get enough sleep because I decided a weekday is the perfect day to stay up late. I still took the antihistamine, the panadol and some vitamins to curb the cold. My throat is killing me, so I end up takig honey and calamanzi lime to sooth my throat. I threw in a few sugarfree Fisherman's Friend and keep my self hydrated. I even gargle with mouthwash in hoping it would kill the bacteria invading my throat right now.

Supposedly its working, but right now I fee like I am about to get sick, but I am not, which kinda suck. I mean no point of getting an MC, apparently I still look healthy to the doctor that was assign to me, I had beg for an MC. Its makes me irritated to even ask one.

I hate drinking lots of water before sleeping because I would end up waking up to the pain of wanting to go the bathroom. Its definitely a dream breaker. Hopefully this whole sickness thing will go away

On the positive note, my nose is not stuffy. YAY!!
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