Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hearing yourself

Have you ever listen to the way you talk?

Like record your self and then listen how you sounded. Weird right? The way that we hear our voice and the way we hear it from a recording is different. Its something to do with how our voice sounds coming out of our head instead of coming into our head. Strange right.

I have this strange way of speaking, perhaps not so strange, but to me, if I hear anyone else speaks the same way, I would say they are weird.

I am very nasal, meaning my voice seems to come out of my nose.
I chew my words, meaning I am lazy to pronounced it.
I have a relatively deep voice, when combined with talking through your nose, it becomes nasally boomy and incomprehensible.
I have "h" in wrong parts of the words and I exaggerated the word. entaH, takH de lah, kiteH, aderH.
It sounds fake and pretentious.
I mix English and Malay like you mixed a rojak..

Its funny, people in KL and Selangor, never really said anything, because that is how some people talk here? but try to live out of KL and Selangor, you would stick out like a sore thumb. Which is why, having a terrible fake accent, cancels the words out. Have you tried listening to me ruining a northern accent. TERRIBLE, not to mention my mother's Negeri Sembilan dialect...terrible..

I guess that just makes me the nasally, fake, broken Malay guy... probably why I prefer to stay in Kl...
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