Monday, November 8, 2010


Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your fair hair

If I had Rapunzel’s hair, or more precisely 70 feet of magical golden blonde hair, what would I do with it?

The movie shows that Rapunzel had complete control of her hair. She can move it at will and the hair itself has incredible strength as you can see it in the trailer.

Unlike the original story, the hair is merely just a rope for the prince, the hair also was braided to increased its strength, so that the witch could climb up the tower. Also her hair has to be hang on a hook, so that she won’t use her scalp as an anchor point (unlike our fellow Malaysian who can).

Rapunzel in the movie Tangled Up reminds me of a Marvel Comics character called Medusa. Medusa’s has long, thick, red hair that is stronger than an iron wire of the same thickness. She can elongated it, or lift up to 1.6 tons (about 1600kg). She could control each strands of air via psychokinetic ability (moving objects with her mind). She can snap it like a whip, bind objects, perform delicate manipulation such as picking a lock or coordination skills such as typing. She can use her hair to sense things that it touches. We can say Rapunzel is like Medusa’s magical blonde cousin.

Medusa fiery red hair

So what would I do with 70 feet of magical golden hair?

Multi Task…

Since each hair could be manipulated, I could mentally assign each hair to do a specific task. Instead of taking 2 hours to clean my mice cages, my hair could do it in 30 minutes. I could type my thesis and still do lab work. I can juggle books, journals and online articles. My master would be finished in half the time it is going to take now :)

Anyhow I got a lot of pictures of my hair. It has gone through many changes such as different lengths to the standard crew cut I always, to extreme changes such a drastic color change or chemical straigtening.

The good, the bad, the ugly, the "what the hell were you thinking"

However I think I could challenge a Nuffie named Firdauz.

This is me, when I was 10 years old. If I don’t get a haircut within 3 months, curls and more curls will appear. It made many Chinese Auntie green with envy. When I stayed in Segamat, old Chinese ladies would ask, where I did my hair. I was born this hair while they would willingly stay for 4 hours at the salon to get it. This probably how my magical raven black curly hair would look like
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