Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bad Ass Parang that Chuck Norris would approve

My mother called me to come home early because she needed to pick up my dad from the airport. So I came home, early, which is rare, since I usually come home when the sun sets (I came in late, so I will leave late, but that is kinda redundant now really). I was parking in front of my house but it was difficult because the tree branches makes it hard to park close to the shoulder road. So I asked my mother for a "parang" and what a bad ass parang it was. I am not what parang is in English. Knife is pisau, Sword is Pedang, Keris is.. well keris, Parang? long sword? Macheti?

Regardless of what, this is one bad ass parang for having the correct balance, and weight. It did help when I started started a spark when I accidentally hit the wall behind the branch, however most importantly, what parang has a bottle opener built in the blade. This is the parang Chuck Norris would use.

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