Thursday, April 21, 2011

Female Drivers

There are two kinds of drivers on the road. Female Drivers and Drivers.

Female Drivers are unsure where to go, they hesitate when trying to overtake or trying to cross an intersection. They are slow on the fast lane and like to be in between lanes. They are horrible at parking because they take forever to park and usually its not even aligned well. Most of the times they remain quiet and unseen on the road, but you can spot them from a mile from the mistakes they make

Drivers are secure people on the road. They know where to go and are confident at what ever they are doing. They drive fast and know which lane is the best way to go. They park very easily in any situation, even  parallel parking using a large car without rear sensors. Most of the times they remain like any other cars on the road, but give them a deadline and you can see them zooming frantically beside you while flashing their lights.

Female Drivers are generally females who does not spend much time on the road, who are always chauffeured everywhere, but during emergency or during times when people don't want to deal with them, they will drive. If a man drives like a Female Driver, then I need him to give back his Man Card to me, because he does not deserve to be a man.

Drivers are usually males, its in their blood to drive, just like riding horses, camels, elephants or a Banshee. They can be frantically fast or just cruise slowly in the left lane with a girl on their side. A woman could be a Driver if she spends all of her time driving or she drives into and out of KL daily. She will probably give you the finger you are slow in front of her and she will flash you if you are blocking her way, just like a real man.

So what type of driver are you?

p.s I love it when a woman yells out a Female Driver. "Patut lah, perempuan yg bawak" "Damn Female Driver" "Alahai Kak, cepat lah siket bawak kereta" "Bodoh lah perempuan ni"
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