Thursday, April 21, 2011


I noticed that I recently been reaching 3 figures readers on my blog, Usually I only get 2 figures readers in my blog each day, but now its topping to 3 figures more often. Gosh, I'm embrassed of the shit they read in my reflection posts, which is in abundance now. Thanks to Natalie Tran, video blogs, I like to write what ever things that pops in my head.

I make it short and into a lot of paragraphs, so people can skip the parts that they are bored to read or just skim through it. I'm just fucking lazy to post any pictures, although if my Blackberry was still here, I would take picture of anything interesting, attach it to my email and email it using my Blackberry to Blogger so that it would become a blog entry. That has to wait for a while, till I get a job and Blackberry.

Other than that, my experience with CO2 Laser Resurfacing technique at Mediviron UOA did bring some readers into this emo ish blog. Although I was not one the candidates that maintain excellent results, due to my acne problems which basically cancelled all of the collagen inducing benefits of a CO2 Laser Resurfacing, I would still do it again, and other stuff that the clinic offers, such as Duromine.

Another interesting thing that I noticed about my blog by viewing my readers using Nuffnangs counter that I don't have readers from other Nuffnang readers. If I do, its very little. So most of my readers are actually my Facebook friends, which I linked this account too. Most of them are silent readers, which is okay with me. Comments are just bonuses, but I am glad somebody is actually accidentally reading all this shit I write. :D

I gotta love Nuffnangs for giving a chance to win all of those movie tickets. Its awesome to watch movies that are shown earlier than the rest of the world. Pure AWESOMENESS...

Its fun having the chance to share what I feel to the world. Its my own reality show that people could read into. I am not that ready to do a video blog yet, but who knows, I just might do it too, just for the hell of it..
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