Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have a deep connected feeling with cars. Its just something that I was attuned too, even when I was little. No amount of Shi Ra, My Little Pony, Jam and the Hologram, and all the other girl based cartoons that I watched. It was not really my choice, my sister hogged the TV and she still does it now.

One thing however that always gathers my interest is cars. I loved those small car models by Hot Wheels. Apparently they are made in Malaysia. I loved cars, I have this strange habit, when I was young, of watching cars go over a speed bump. I don't know why, but I could just sit there staring for half an hour and not get bored.

One thing about cars, is that I am not interested in the sport side of it (F1, Rally, Nascar etc) but more to the normal ones that we drive on the road. Those are the kinds that are made available to us and it is more interesting for me.

Which makes me an even more nerd by liking small cars. Instead of 7 Series, S Class, Skyline, Ferrari and Porsche, I am more interested in 1 Series, A Class, 500, and Alto. I just prefer small nippy cars that is easy to drive.

It probably fits my nature of prefer to live near the city then in rural areas. No one likes traffic jams but we a good sound system, a robust air conditioning system and an automatic gear box, its not so bad at all.

Right now, I am on the argument with my parents on the next car that we should have. They will probably flip if I wanted an i10 or Alto, so right now its a fight between 3 Protons, Gen2 CPS, Persona HL and Neo CPS. My mother wants a sedan, my dad wants a sport car, while the public thinks Gen2 CPS is the same as the old Gen2 that keeps having problems and breaking down. Me? I want freedom. The fight still goes on, I decided to not care at all for now, or pretend to like Persona or Neo. I will get my pick in the future.
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