Wednesday, April 6, 2011

6.30pm at Perlis

When I did my diploma years ago at UiTM, Perlis, we had free accommodation and free meals. Yeah, that was a blast! You could use the rest of the Ptptn money for other more "important" things such as a laptop, handphone, or hand held console. Anyhow, I remember breakfast would be around 7.00am-8.30am, lunch would be around 12.30pm-2.00pm and dinner would be around 6.30pm-7.30pm. I always skipped breakfast because I was to lazy to wake up early and that I felt when I ate breakfast, I became even more hungry by lunch, must be the increased metabolism.

Anyhow, I would always, ALWAYS have my dinner at 6.30pm. I would wait at my friend's Syafir's room or Azril's room to go and eat. I just like to have dinner early, and I was starving by then. We can scoop as much rice as we want, then we would have one main dish, one side dish, a vegetable dish, a piece of fruit and all you can drink ice Cordial drink. Most of the time the food was great, I loved it, although I got diarrhea for like the first month. Anyhow being early means you get the first pick of everything instead of the leftovers that no ones likes.

Those that comes from a rich family would snuff at the "poor quality" food that was served, while those that came from poorer family would feel that this was FEAST. A friend of a friend of a friend told me his friend came from a poor family and he had 10 siblings. Sometimes they would have to share 1 piece of fish with his siblings,so when he came to UiTM, he gets to eat a whole fish, chicken or meat all by himself!!. It was definitely a feast for him

I got a friend that would eat every single thing on his plate. Like, there would not be any bones, skins, herbs or gravy left. He only uses his hands to eat and his plates was so clean and clear, it amazes me till this day. On the other end of the spectrum, I have a friend who never finishes what he takes, like he would almost always leave half of his food on the plate. He never finishes it ever! What a waste.

I think I still kept that habit till today, unless of course we had tea and I was still full when the clock reached 6.30pm. I need some more tea time food to eat. We need biscuits to dip in tea, bread to have jam or butter with or even just a granola bar. Errrgh lapar...
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