Thursday, March 31, 2011


Obsessed? Who me? Pretty much. About what? A lot of things, my close friends would tell you the things I am obsessed with. However, right now, I am obsessed with my skin. Damn, other than family, this has to be one of the most written post I did. I can't help it, I used to have clear skin, clear but oily, but god dammit, it was still clear. Now its like 27 going 13, I could even see the acne forming right before my eyes. I knew it was going from bad to worst since my barber could not perform his job like he usually does. He actually nick one of the pimples at my temple and it bled. When he was trimming my side burns he stayed away from the pimples at the jaw line. When he was putting some yellow cooling "toner" on my scalp, no longer he massaged my forehead, temple or eyebrows anymore, heck he did not even put any muscle when he was massaging my scalp. Noooooo!!!!!! and that was one the best thing about getting a haircut there, which the scalp massage that he does :(. So sad., again so sad. I though I have it under control when I wake up in the morning, I see my face is clearing up, and then when we reach evening, I could see new cyst, yeah cyst, like my parasites!!! not pimples but cyst!!!! forming and I do think it puss now, and not sebum, forming right before my eyes. What the hell man!!! Arrrgh. Now I look just like a few of my friends with bad acne and their face is clearing up!!. My friend told me, that it does not matter, people will still like you. I told him, I know that but right now, I am the one who has to face the mirror and see my face deteriorates, I am the one who has to feel the bumps on my skin when I wash it, I am the one felt the pain if I knocked my my temple and blood is spattered everywhere, not because of a cut but because a pimple burst. These looks like miniature boils now, boils and cyst with puss. Do I have a right to be obsessed about this? DAMN right I do.
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