Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rude Awakening

Talk about a rude awakening. After a day of insomnia. yup, finally gotten insomnia but no point since I am not doing any work, which is followed by an upset stomach the whole day, and finally when I managed to be able to sleep, I was woken up by my mother saying there is a neighborhood clean up day and then I heard people, trucks and chainsaw oh my. Owh when I finally woke up, my mother said, "well thank goodness I told your father you have an upset stomach"..."I did Ma" I said. "Owh you did?, I did not know that"... Well Ma, I was sick the whole friday, so I stayed in my room mostly, only to go out to Friday prayers and to send in my resume through the mail. Really at almost 28, I gotta get freaked out by my dad's reaction. I do hope this resume thing goes through. Its really a good time to spend time apart from my family. All I need in my own place is mattress, my laptop, a place to hang my clothes, a fan, an internet access and a kettle. That is what I call freedom...
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