Saturday, March 26, 2011

They Say

Its caused by your facial, they say
Its caused by your eating habits, they say
Its caused by the face cream you use, they say
Its caused by dirty blood, they say
Its caused by stress, they say

They say many things about my acne, there is not solid proof they are wrong or I am right.

Alas, I went to the clinic and asked about my acne.

Its caused by weight increased, they say.. (My weight is maintained, I never gained large amount of weight in a short time)
Its caused by bacteria infection, they say (I was my face twice a day with a cleanser)

Its caused by the hormone called androgen, an important hormone for stress and during puberty.... So its either I am stress (I don't feel stressed) or I am going through a second phase of puberty??. Actually I have always thought that hormonal changes is the cause of my breakout. Its what happened when  I was 13, when  I first started to have acne. So now, I am going on antibiotics and will monitor the progress of my acne.

*When one pimple is treated, another comes out. Its a constant war on my skin. Please be grateful if you were born or have perfect skin. Acne is terrible especially if they start to hurt like a boil (bisul). Ouch...
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