Saturday, March 5, 2011


I unwillingly willing  helped a lab mate of mine to convert her English abstract to a Malay abstrak. Its like some UPM guideline thing to have in your thesis. It was pure hell, its not even my work and the pain to translate all the medical word into Malay was exhausting, since most of it don't even make sense. UKM is the only university that demands its student to produce their thesis in Malay. It should be easy, since most of their references has been translated into Malay, however when you are doing your graduate study, you need more information from current journals, which are in English. So you had to translate it into Malay so that you could incorporate it into your thesis, if you were in UKM.

No wonder, those who worked as a translator, freelance, gets a lot of money. Since its damn hard and you need to ensure the translation is correct and is understandable. I watched "I am Number 4" with a friend and it has some funny Malay translation

girl friend = mak we..(its a bit informal.. and hilarious for me)

haunted hay ride = perjalanan jerami puaka.

I guess its true, but I just normally  don't use "puaka" on a pile of hay..


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