Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CO2 Laser Resurfacing 2

Its almost a month or more since I last undergo a procedure called CO2 Laser Resurfacing. This is the result. The picture on the left is before and the picture on the right is after the procedure

I was more concerned with the large pigmentation on my right cheek as seen in the second picture. I blame it on my poor blackberry camera for the before photos and the 5megapixle Nokia after photos. I can see that pigmentation on my right cheek has been reduce significantly in size and colour. Its also less noticeable now. For my acne scars, some of it has improved especially the dent on my fore head. However, most of the noticeable result is gone, because I kept having more acne on my face which created newer scars. In general, I do feel the skin is more refined despite the onslaught of acne. I noticed that the bumps on my nose due to blackheads is almost unnoticeable to my eyes. Even my pores seemed smaller now.

Would I do it again? If I had the money I would definitely try to erase as much scars on my face as I can. I just have to control my acne now.
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