Thursday, March 3, 2011


I think my face is healing. It does itch from time to time from the laser scars, but my doctor told me to keep my skin mosturized so that it will heal better. He was right, it felt better with some lotion on it. I think some of the pigmentation does look lighter although the acne scars are still there. However when I do look at the mirror, my face seemed more refined. Maybe it just me, but more likely its the skin re emerging. No amount of facial scrub can bring you this kind of effect since the laser goes deep into your skin. The stronger the laser, the more effective the result. So far, people were kind curious what happened to my face, it looked like a sunburn but with patterns. However since I already submitted my thesis, I really don't go out that much at all. I am going to apply for a position is some of the private colleges nearby. Something for me to do, I think not doing anything much causes me to be over reactive in some situations or just being plain stupid and foolish and clingy and angry and needy and pathethic. Its so pathetic, I am shameful of myself. Luckily I snap back quickly, but then I end up snapping back. Oooh rubber band effect or just being childish. Watever... I just need to find something better to do...
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