Sunday, March 6, 2011

Baking Happiness

Mayonnaise Chocolate cake. Trust me, its sounds nasty, but it does not taste like mayonnaise and it taste great.

There was not much to do on this particular Saturday, every body was doing their own thing, traveling, going out, outstation and so on. I decided to take a nap, the whole day. I could go to the gym but perhaps I will go on Sunday, all the laser scars on my face has gone away and my face does not feel itchy anymore. Night life? hmm not so much, but I think its good, but its weird that today was the day I felt I need to go out, although I did technically for brunch.

Anyhow through some of the madness that I faced these past few months, I always forgot that baking always fills my time up and it allows me to forget about stuff. Another bonus of baking is the end result, I have freshly baked items and other people can enjoy them. When people enjoy what I made, it makes me happy. Most of the things I baked, such a cookies can be kept for a month and during that month, there are bound to be family or friends dropping by. Its like an ego boost in a Tupperwear, because my mom would be so proud that her son bakes.

You might say I am fishing for compliments, I am, but you get to enjoy freshly baked stuff, so its even LOL. Seriously though, baking does make me happy, and when other people are happy, it makes me happier.
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