Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Can you handle this s#*t?

Can you handle this shit? What shit am I talking about. Truth. When we were little, we were tol d that honesty is the best policy, however when we get older, that is not always the way to go. If we were dead honest with most of our answers, we probably be dead. Sometimes its best not to say anything or reveal anything. This move however is could back fire to you and cause even more deadly consequences.

A friend of mine told me the truth is like a shotgun to the chest. You feel the full force of the shot, you could clearly see the shooter, it hurts and you know when you are about to be killed. A gruesome end really, but compared that to a lie, its like being shot by a sniper, you never knew what hit you, till you die, if the shooter misses, and you survived, it would hurt, but you never would believe that you were the target. Two different way to die, to describe truth and a lie.

Sometimes we love lies, it keeps us comfortable. Sometimes its not a lie, its just pretending or denying the truth exist. We live a lie and if we loose control of it, it will eat us alive. So you want the truth? Can you handle such brutal honesty? It will definitely cut the honeymoon short and you will be faced with the naked truth. Perhaps it is better to know everything, how can you get mad if you know the truth and reason behind it? Maybe you just ignore the excess baggage that comes with the truth and just move on forward.

I have no idea, what on earth I am talking about, but I think you get what I mean. Can you handle this shit?
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