Sunday, March 6, 2011


Beastly? Sounds like Coach Beastie in Glee, a french name.

 As I wrote earlier, this move is an adaptation of the famous fairy tale, Beauty and The Beast

We have the "prince" an arrogant high school student who believed good looks are everything. He can't help it, his dad ingrained this idea in him every single day. Poor thing had to BBM his dad for attention.

 His bitterness and arrogance has lead him to become this bald tattooed person, who is shunned from everyone.

 This is the witch who decided to teach him a lesson that you are only as beautiful as you are inside

 This was the girl, who actually could see through his arrogance. In fact she loved his straight forward manner and non pretentious views, however obnoxious it is.

This a the blind tutor that also sees what a beautiful person he is on the inside, which is hurting but tried to cover it up with being arrogant.

This is a chick flick. Meaning, your girl friends and the girl in you, would love it. My sister said she has not seen this type of movie for a long time (what about Twilight?, I think I am Number 4 got some chick flick stuff in it too?). The audience seemed to liked it too, with all of us going aww and oooh at the same time. I think its worth watching if you are into these type of movies. Give it a shot.
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