Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Perfect Car?

People who knows me knows that I am totally obsessed about cars. Its something I am very much passionate about. My perfect car would either be a turbocharged diesel, or turbocharged direct injection petrol, with double clutch transmission or better known as automated manuals, load of safety kit,and LSD. A hatchback is versatile by being able to fold the rear seats down and turn it into a small minivan, while a saloon has more cargo space with all the seats up.

Turbo diesel / turbo petrol

Perhaps they only thing different between these two engines is that one uses petrol and the other uses diesels. Todays technologies blurs the line between petrol and diesel engines.

This is just the basic description of the two engines


-30% more efficient than petrol engine which means it uses less fuel
- more torque at lower RPM level, which means you dont have to rev the engine hard
-last longer than petrol engine since it was built sturdier to handle the high pressure it exerts on its cylinder
-no spark plugs, very mechanical

- noisy!, the klanky klunk sound of a diesel engine is never appealing
-black smoke it is exhaust due to soot
-smell of traditional diesel is nauseating

-traditionally burns cleaner than diesel, exhaust is clear
-the sound is smoother
-revs smoother
-cheaper to make

-uses more fuel since its less efficient than diesels
-does not last as long as diesel
-more prone to problems

The Solution!

Diesel and Petrol repairing their short comings and sharing each others system


Add turbo

Even though diesel are efficient and produce more torque, the engine has to be huge at least 2500cc, this makes them heavy and slow compared to lighter and peppier petrol engines. When you add turbo to the engine, it produces more horsepower and even more torque that is already is. Turbo is powered by the exhaust which means the turbo is not robbing any power from the engine.

Electronic Fuel Injection

Diesel engine injects it fuel directly into the combustion chamber where the cylinder resides. Traditional diesel does this mechanically, but modern diesel does it electronically and injects high pressure diesel into the cylinder. The amout and force can be control which means more power and cleaner exhaust

Better fuel

Diesel fuel contains a lot of sulphur which is bad for the enviroment and causes acid rain. Sulphur is important because it acts as lubricant for the fuel. By replacing sulphur with other substance to act as lubricants, will make the diesel fuel cleaner.

Better sound proofing
You can really change the sound of diesel clanky clank sound, but you can seal the engine bay so that the sound is more suppressed.


Direct Injection

Traditionall, fuel and air is mixed before it is injected into the chamber where the cylinder recides. It is mixed mechanically using a carburator or electronically injected. Now, petrol engine is imitating diesel engine by injecting the fuel directly into the cylinder chamber. Direct injection allows the computer to fine tune how much fuel goes in and when it should be injected. This allow the petrol engine to be fuel efficient but at the same time produce a lot of power when needed

just like the diesel engine, turbo charging a petrol engine will increase the torque and horsepower of a petrol engine. However the twist with turbo chargine petrol engine, is that now a small engine is needed, which means less weight which equals less fuel will be used but the engine produces as much power as a larger car

Well that is all that I can write about this lazy article (lazy because there is no pictures accompanying each description, just like what my science teacher said when i was in form 4)

anyways, there are other cool technologies that saves fuel and provides more power which includes double clutch transmission, stop start, and hybrids, but that is another rambling..perhaps after i include such pictures in..
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