Sunday, June 29, 2008

Petronas Family Day / Concert

Last Saturday was my sister's company family day at Bangi. At only RM 10 per entrance we gotten unlimited amount of food and a free concert show.

AC Mizal was the host for tonight and he was his funny and witty usual self

Acha Sepitriasa was there to entertain us all. One the few songs she sang was "My Heart". However that was not Irwanshah singing, just a Petronas employee who won Petronas own singing competition.

Anuar Zain was also present that night. He was one of my favourite male singer. He sang Keabadian Cinta, Lelaki Ini, Ketulusan Hati and Sway. Definitely a crowd pleaser and he even brought his own band in. He sounds exactly like what you hear on the radio :). I was singing along to all of his performance :p.

Last but not least, Wings performed on staged with Awie in his suit and Cowboy hat. He was very charming and hilarious :D. I still can't shake his performance as a drag queen in Apa Kata Hati :p
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