Friday, June 6, 2008

Carlos Pavillion

I went to Pavillion to eat at this Mexican bar and grill restaurant at the Pavillion on Wednesday night. Arel was so kind to invite me along, because he loved the oysters here. I was stoked because I never eaten oyster before.

We started with a plate of fresh salad, with Romaine lettuce, purple lettuce (or is it cabbage), tomatoes and other crunchy veggies with Thousand Island Dressing.

There was tortilla chips, which is made from corn with cheese and jalapeno peppers. There was a guacamole dip and salsa dip too. Heavenly, I took generous scoop of the dips.

There was a plate of this potato stuffed with something very delicious :D

Chicken Faetas, is grilled chicken and other spices thrown in. I prefer it to be spicier :D

The entree of the night, raw, fresh oyster. I never had oyster before and just wolf it down with out knowing that you are supposed to squeeze the lemons and let the juice "cooked" the oyster. So fresh I felt like I was near the sea when eating it. Josh told me that if you add other food on the oyster it will enhanced the taste. True enough I was experimenting by putting all the other food to be eaten with the oysters. YUM!!!!

The there was these quadruplet dish consist of rice, beans, dips (salsa, guacamole, sour cream), and beef. I ate them with the pita bread provided.

I washed all that including the Mexican pizza and Tacos that I forgotten to take a picture of, with this virgin. A virgin margarita I think, but don't worry its a mocktail so its alcohol free. Its a lime lemon infused ice blended with salted rims. Quite nice. Thank you so much to Arel for treating this struggling grad student yg tak siap2 lagi keje dia yg prof dia tunggu jer masa utk dia sergah mamat ni yg terhegeh buat kerje yg lai 5 thn baru leh balas jasa Arel dan orang2 lain yg belanja dia. Also to Josh for driving me to Pavillion and then letting me drive the X trail back home. Not forgetting Hairie for introducing me to these people, it was a fun night for all of us I hope ;)

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