Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tips to Wash a Car

Nothing like a shiny car after a good wash done by the owner. Its one heck of an exercise to wash your car successful. It something personal to wash something you drive or take car each day. Here are tips for a successful wash

1. Wash in the shade. Its not good to wash your car under the heat of the sun. I don't have the exact scientific reason because I don't have scientific proof. The reason why you should was your car in the shade is, if the surface is too hot, by the time you finished washing a section of your car, the section you just washed has dried up and water spots form.

2. Scrub the tires and wheel to release the dirt and brake dust. You can have a shiny car but if your tires look dirty, the whole car looks dirty.

3. Spray inside the wheel well because there are many stuff you don't know are stuck in it.

4. Wash the cloth that you use to dry the car first to remove any dirt that may be on it and can smudge your car if you don't remove it first.

5. Don't forget to open the doors after a wash to dry the area between the interior and exterior.

5. Use a tire shine product to give black tires a new tire gloss all because of reason number 2.

6. Use adequate amount of soap as recommended by the label to effectively removed traffic dirt.

7. Enjoy your workout and your shiny car.
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