Monday, March 1, 2010


Hmm, it was nice 3 days weekend. Mine started quite early with another Glee marathon at a friend's house on Thursday, we stayed until like 4 am to watch Glee. What a show, I only manage to catch it in other people houses, when they finished downloading it. Definitely good stuff. Friday was interesting too, with a trip to an old friends house, I haven't seen him for like 2 years, and again, watched a series, this time called True Blood, or something like that. Its a vampire series. Hmm, another vampire series, we all just love vampires don't we. Nothing like pale skin and black hair to seduce someone..hmm.. that sounds like a typical Malaysian view of beauty, pale skin and straight black hair.

Right after that I went to Uptown Shah Alam at section 29, this is a very well organized and sorted out downtown. It was roofed with each stall having its own space separated by plywood and steel. No worries about rain and bad weather. Its quiet nice, but I can't find my Cap Ayam T shirts. These are T shirts that has words of wisdom or not so wisdom printed on it. Its quite nice and cheap too. Most of it is black and black is the color to wear when you feel bloated at these times. Again bedtime at 4am. Ooh bad trend.

On Saturday was an event itself, I went and help to pick up a friends car. Well I was needed since I would be the victim to help him ease into his new car. Of course it was a bit unnerving, but he is a good driver, although I do get squeamish, I keep it all to my self and not a let a beep out. I love a new car smell, its smells, so new. To bad I can't park inside his porch anymore when I come over, drats!!! ;). I slept a wee bit early on Saturday at around 12am, only because we had something going on the next day.
Sunday was another trip to the river for some cooling of session, the weather was incredibly hot, that a trip to the stream is so needed. We piled in our car, including the mother of our friend and off we go to Sg Chongkak, for some lazy soaking in the cool river. It was so nice, and relaxing to just frolicking in the water and as usual the latest "gos" about people around us. You know you like a juicy "gos". I even managed to catch my friend and his latest other half there. Gotcha dating my friend!! :D. After the river, I had to run and meet another friend for lunch and catch up on old times again.
Gosh, I was so tried when I got back, I almost immediately feel asleep and woke up, feeling hot. I decided, I have withdrew from turning on the AC for a few days now, today I shall turn it on. The most efficient people who uses aircond in this house is my parents and sisters, since there is two people sleeping in respective rooms. The next efficient person to use the aircond is me, only because I only use it if I really need it and my aircond switch off automatically at 6.45am. The least efficient is my brother and other sister since, they sleep alone in their respective rooms and they switched it off only after they woken up, but I have to give credits to my sister since she only sleeps in her room like every other weekend. Electricity rates are increasing, so each of us has to do our little part to reduce our usage a bit.
wow... I can't believe my weekend was quite full... tiring, but full.. and ergh.. its the dreaded Monday. I shall go to the library this time, only because it will fool me into thinking that I am not in the lab.
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