Monday, March 1, 2010

Head Up

Do you just hate sick days, mine seem to drag on for weeks. My nose is still stuffy, and I gotten a bad headache in the evening. Head ache, is something very rare to me unless I am car sick. It kinda sucked to that when taking any oral medication it takes at least 30 minutes for it to give any effect to the body. Ouch!..

Do you feel sometimes that one bad thing that happened to you, seem to make your day sucked? It sucked when it happened in series. Some says its Murphy's Law, it means that whatever bad things happens in threes' the fourth one will ended up being good. Hmm lets see, forgot to bring my keys, got lectured by my dad, and then long line at the deposit machine. The good thing that happened? I did not loose my wallet when I thought I might misplaced it.. Somehow I just don't have the feeling that it is the good thing.

I envy those with insomnia, I want insomnia so that I won't feel sleepy in the morning. For me, bliss is to be be able to sleep at any given point in the day in a cool but moist environment. Aircond could not provide this, since I will end up with a dry throat since I sleep with my mouth open (I need an operation to clear up my nose), the perfect place to sleep would be, near a waterfall. The cool moist air is a dream come true to have a nice nap. I like camping in the forest near the river, its so cooling. An ideal weekend gateway for me, would probably just laze around in the jungle in a tent or better in a chalet. However you need a couple of friends who are up for it, and perhaps a lot of boardgames and card games. Its a good way to catch up on "gos" or perhaps its a way where each of us can talk about stuff we never able to talk about or never gotten a chance to do so. Too bad most of my friend are not up to guts of spending sometime in the jungle. Heck I am not jungle trekker, but I absolutely love the trips to Sg Chongkak and Gabai, its very peaceful and cool.

I need to finish up soon, I am running out of sanity....

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