Saturday, October 10, 2015

Just Keep Writing

Just keep writing.

It's just one of the ways or steps that you learn when you want to become a writer. It kinda makes sense though. Writing is practicing.

When we had a drama class, the adviser swore on pen and paper. He meant that certain studies has shown when you write on a piece of paper using pens, you will developed better mental health? or something. I don't know. I am too lazy to provide the source.

He is right though. Think about it, first you think of what you what to write. Secondly you move the pen into letters, that form words and becomes sentences. As you write, you read and you review. So it makes one hell of a party in your head. Its better than slamming your fingers on the keyboard.

Hmm, I don't know, what about those who can type without looking at the keyboard. I am doing it pretty well. I wrote most of the sentences above without actually looking at the keyboard. Yes, I do make mistakes but I did correct it.

So the words from my head, goes into my fingers and my fingers press the appropriate keys to form letters, that form words and turn into sentences. Which will then tell a story.

Was he wrong, my drama class adviser? Am I right? Who knows. If you type to much, you will loose the art of hand writing. However as we digitized, typing is something we do naturally. Samsung has been doing it for years with its Note series, while Apple being Apple, says it revolutionilized the pencil by making the iPencil. *facepalm. Hey whatever rocks your boat right.

I think it is important for children to diversify their motor skills, a bit of writing, painting and typing. This shit ain't easy to do okay, the typing without looking. For me it's like playing a musical intsrument and the words are my notes and the song is my story.

Ah well, whatever it is, if it helps to write, why not?
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