Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Normal Type

What is normal? Well the picture above is Lopunny, a Normal type Pokemon. It may look like a female character, but it can be male or female. It's also one of the Pokemon than tends to get over sexualized by horny Otaku perverts. Eh, watcha gonna do right.

I don't feel normal. Never had a normal childhood, normal school life, not normal anything. In fact I tend to be attracted to abnormal things. Erghh, it seem some of it is just bad choices. We are so not getting into that mode.

Normal mode for now means going back to work after a 2 day travel, 3 workshop, 2 daytime work travels and 2 night time visits in a different country.

Now I am going back to the real world, which is my museum world and back to the place that gave me the opportunity to break from the normal. I must keep in mind the one year promise I made to the. It's actually in contract so I am screwed if I don't follow it. Meh.

However yeah, it is fun. Remember all that talk about social media. Damn, it is much harder than it seems. Its even harder when you don't have a reliable equipment to use. Thank goodness I bought a good laptop. I mean the old one can still be used normally but really if you can't YouTube then what it the point of paying RM 243 a month for 20Mbs Internet.

Ah well, I guess there is nothing wrong about not being normal. When they say normal is boring, they can't really put what is normal. What is normal to you, seems so abnormal to me and vice versa.

I feel better now. Maybe because I writing more, maybe because I have a hot cocoa, maybe because I have the AC on to just chill me until bedtime.

I really should upload all my photos of my trip. People like that kinda thing. It helps them to plan.

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