Friday, March 20, 2015

The story of a laptop


It replaces computers, well desktop computers that is. I mean, a laptop does what regular people do. Surf the Internet, watch porn and do work. It also adds the ability of being mobile. I am not talking about road warriors that take their work all over the world, but simply moving it one room in the house to another or having a laptop that you can hug on the bed while watching movies.

Anyhow, I replaced my old laptop a few months ago. So far, it does what I need it to do. I wanted a faster processor, a shit load of disk space and a full HD screen, but somehow one features erks me, that  I never thought I would need.

A back lit keyboard. 


I had a choice to buy another laptop with similar specs, but with better audio but less graphic power, but with a back lit keyboard. Who knew writing in the dark is something that I felt I need to do now.
Its a small matter though, I love the almost full size keyboard that my laptop has. I say it's almost full size, because it has a miniaturized  numerical keyboard to the left of it. I think its a standard feature for laptops with a 15.6 inch screen. 

Anyhow, what laptop am I using?

I am using the ASUS A550J laptop

Yup, not the picture of it, apparently the model I am using is a weird combination, that is interesting. It has a full HD screen which mean it projects a native 1080p display. It has a GTX 850m graphic and a i7 Processor. It rather weird combination of a laptop this price. (RM 2999)

Suddenly I found a picture of it on Mudah.

But the person was selling it WAY over the purchase price I got, and he is selling it used!! WTF!!

Too bad all I do is either watch Youtube and search random Internet stuff.

Maybe I should have gotten the Macbook Air

Long battery life, very light, and a back lit keyboard. Perfect for travelling and usage.

Then I forgotten that nearly cost RM4k, does not support full HD, and not really meant for gaming.
Hmm, I got too caught up with the back lit keyboard

However, I would still recommend a Macbook to any casual laptop users with money to burn.

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