Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Social Media Barf


All this talk about social media, has made me socially ill.

I kinda hate people now. I think that is what happened when you overdose. However when you do get around to it, and analyzing each famous people there is a formula to it.

You have to be easy on the eyes. As much as beauty is subjective, most people who are popular on social media are fit beautiful people. We love pretty things so we follow them like bees.

However a pretty face can only go so far. These people have content. Whatever they do, they seem do it well that people like them.

Next, these people seem to have one tag line or one thing that made them memorable.

Natalie Tran from Community channel has the infamous "Your mum rates me" or "porno music slash comment time"

Pew Di Pie, Jackseptieye, and Markiplier has their signature opening remarks.

Yes, most of them are Youtuber, but videos are really the ones that can show their personality or at least their online persona.

Its sweet, since I stop blogging for a long time,the only people that actually made me remember them is Red Mummy, because she likes the color red, hence the name. While Hanis Zalika, with her cutesy inbelogsaya blog name, which does in sync with her writing, made me remember her, although she stopped blogging once she got famous.

Ah well, maybe its the league of silent readers that support these blog. The rest just went on Facebook.

Now however I am trying to get into Tumblr, Dayre, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. The last two seems mainstream, but Tumblr is quite young, while Dayre is something that Nuffnang requires us to do.

Damn, I have dug a hole so deep I can't get out

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