Monday, September 21, 2015


Ah, hashtag. The little things that make us know, it's the modern times. If you do not know, what "hashtag" or "#" means you are outdated.

If you use it wrongly, you are definitely lame.

#sorrynotsorry, what does it mean?

Well urban dictionary says it's how bitchy girls get their way if they feel they are right regardless of any situation.

A bit more surfing blew my mind, sorry not sorry is apparently is a real thing and people used it to defend themselves in court or in any accusation.

Mind blown!

It is a away to avoid litigation (getting sued or punished) that is the result from admitting guilt or responsibility. Other than the silly hashtag, you can either reword it to say "mistake are made" or " I'm sorry if your offended"

Oooh snap!

Sorrynotsorry indeed.

Other than winning arguments, I think it's used to make decision or actions that seemed unpopular. Yes, you maybe the bad guy, but shit has to be done so fuck them all. Besides, being an adult means, taking care of shit, and not pass it on to other people. Defending your rights and decisions while jumping hoops and fences.

Damn, I love this word. Time bulldoze everything out of my way.

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