Wednesday, April 8, 2015

So many games, so little time

It's a problem that plagues all grown up gamers. When we were young, it's easy to justify spending hours in front of the TV or monitor to play games and only stopping to eat, shower and pray, with the latter two almost always skipped or held back as long as possible.

Now we are mature(?) adults, it's hard to justify that anymore. Other than grown up stuff such as jobs, bills and maybe family, there is also other things in life that we learn to do along the way. Perhaps a new hobby, more TV shows and so on.

Then some of us, got really into it and spend all of our waking moments in games, or be able to be free from parents support and spend all of our money in games. Either getting all the latest consoles, to built the perfect gaming rig.

I already have a PS3, PSP Go, DS and the 3DS. Not forgetting the various games I have in my tablet (that will not charge anymore) and the games I installed in my laptop.

It's a crazy thing

Gamer searching for a life partner who will either join me in my many adventures or be tolerant enough to let me play all day long
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