Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pent Up Anger

So angry today. Some jerk had the nerve to cut into line, so I shoved him for cutting in. Bastard shoved back. I wish the term killing in kindness actually meant some sort of weapon to bash his and his pretentious lady friend in the head. Morbid imagination, but that is why I am not granted any superpower. I will misused it indefinitely.

Ah well, I guess I have to imagine the bastard getting off at Masjid Jamek LRTstation and into his cubicle while staring at his 4 walls. Then he would imagine how tough his life his and how he wished it would change  which made him an asshole to other people.

Or he could be a successful business man living his dream but having a bad day. Pffttt....looks like any salary man to me.

I am doing okay. I like my job, I like the place I am, and I like the random things I could do. I love the museum. There are some bad days, but nothing like greeting a visitor and helping them out or guide a new batch of volunteer to be a better person.

If I was behaving a bit evil, then the volunteers would have to be on their tippy toes because I will scrutinize every single details of their movements and action.

Not bad really, I get to use the public transportation and save loads of money. The ugly ass uniform allows me to be sloppy, but nothing like a good pair of cardigans to make me look slightly professional. Now that I have a RM 1200 bag (before discount of course) I will look slightly more professional. It's a nice leather bag that hopefully will age quite well. However I still can't let go of my ugly canvas Quicksilver bag. At least I know that brand provides really high quality stuff at my size.

I think writing is a hell lot better than looking at Facebook. Facebook is really annoying at certain point, yet I can't stop looking at it. No matter that. I think it will do just find to do my own thing

No more going to people's places for whatever reason. I rather sit home and play games or watch TV. I should join the gym again. It's a bonus to have my day off during the weekday. Gym is relatively empty in the day.

Can't stand the machoness of these body builder ugghh their comradely just ticks me off.

Maybe I am destined to be alone, not lonely, lonely is pathetic, alone is having fun by myself and have the world at the tip of my fingers.

Will I change? Perhaps living all alone in a house would change me to find someone to settle down with. Or maybe not.
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