Sunday, April 5, 2015


I am in need of a big budget buy.

What? I just agreed to a 35 year mortgage that will take 1/3 of my salary.

I guess it's not instant enough, maybe after I manage to move in, I will get that big rush.

Right now, those mini rushes are nice, but wait I just bought a RM 1050 bag! (discounted to RM450) what, still no feels? Perhaps I should have worn it more frequently. You can actually still smell the leather, or perhaps this is how leather is supposed to smell anyway.

Sigh, see, these are all the signs that state, even if you spend a fortune, you will never gain happiness. If you want to spend money, or buy something, you should always buy experience.

Which is why I think I may need some mini vacation time by myself. Just me, the hotel and it's pool along it's buffet breakfast. It's actually simple. I check in the room at 2pm, sleep, play games or whatever till I feel like sunbathing at the pool. Then once children starts to fill up the pool, I'll drive out to eat, or, I will just buy some instant noodles or just buy an early dinner to eat at night.

Then spend all night just lounging on the bed while playing video games or surfing the net. Then I would wake up to scarf down breakfast before checking out the hotel.

It's a perfect plan!!

Besides, there are plenty of nearby 4 star hotels that will do this just fine, or I can just drive to PD for a quick getaway by the beach.

Although you will probably skip the Starbucks or the beach, because there is just too many people!
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