Friday, November 6, 2015

No one wants a sad blog, Pokèmon store it is!

Like for real.

Our lives are sad enough as it is, and we do not need to read other people's sadness.

K fine.

They already released the last online Pokèmon competition, The Spooky Cup result and this is my ranking from 50,000 registered players.

So I am at number 5,368. Not bad at all. It was definitely very challenging but fun. The next online competition is happening next week. All you have to do is register online and you are set

I have Pokèmon competition coming up. I am excited because it would be my second official contest. It's gonna be exciting, and again I will be the oldest one, but it's cool. I mean studies has shown that when you invest in experiences, the effect will last much longer than say a fancy phone. However a fancy phone is something you use everyday,so I might take that fact with a grain of salt but then experiences last much longer than your average phone. So that fact is true then

Another competition, another round of experiences and I still have one more Pokèmon that I haven't prepared yet to make my team balanced.

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