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My Adipex experience, a journey with Premier Clinic Bangsar

A Duromine Journey with Premier Clinic

So I got invited again to try some treatments at Premier Clinic. This time, the branch of choice is at the Bangsar branch. I took a komuter train from Kajang to KL Sentral and then took an LRT to Bangsar. You can take a taxi from KL Sentral but it’s cheaper to take from the Bangsar LRT station. Since I fear rejection from taxi drivers, I decided to take an Uber.

The fare should roughly be like this, if you took a metered taxi, it should be slightly over this price. If you like, you can always walk……. *you are so hardcore, but better not la, for your safety just take the damn taxi, grab car or Uber la. You can also drive there, but it is Bangsar, so good luck with parking though.

This is the waiting area in front of the counter

However they do have a private room if you feel like you need your privacy.

I was actually curious with the oral weight loss medicine that they offer in their clinic. After the consultation with Dr Elaine, she recommends me Adipex. It is a drug containing an ingredient called Phentermine which is a common weight loss pill that is available globally and is approved by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA). The drug works by reducing appetite which in turn reduces cravings and this ensures that you will be eating less. It blocks the hormone cortisol production in the brain for this to happen.

A pill to lose weight, sign me up! Whoa there, hold up. This is a drug, to be more specific it is a drug that can only be prescribed by a doctor. That ended the excitement incredibly quickly. The reason why is that since it is affecting your hormones, it does come with a few side effects. Common one includes hypertension, palpitation, tremors, anxiety and mood swings. Basically it means higher blood pressure, increased heart beat when you are resting, shaking of the hand, worrying and being a bitch for no reason. As you can see, I was concerned. Dr Elaine told me, that some people experience it and some don’t. This is not a drug you can take for a long time because your body will get used to it. It is only prescribed up to 3 months and the dosage will be regulated by the doctor based on how each person reacts. I was given the regular 30mg dosage, which is 2 Adipex pills to achieve the best effect.

Before we started, nurse Nisya, took my measurements which includes weight, height, body fat percentage, and blood pressure. Yes the picture above is blurred intentionally but if you really squinted you would know the numbers.  My blood pressure is already high, so Dr Elaine suggested me to check up on my blood pressure regularly. I could do it at the clinic, or pharmacy. Since my mother has the machine, I could check in on my own.

 How I felt after taking the pills.

Well the first few days I could feel the change. I did not feel like eating. I am still hungry but I don’t need to eat. I still eat though, because my stomach felt empty. I could always just keep drinking sugary drinks because you become thirstier when you are on Adipex. Since I was at home, the anxiety and mood swings is relatively under control. However when we are at work. That is a different story.

There was a big change at work. A drastic change that will change the way I work. I did not response well. It was horrific to say the least. In fact the morning before the announcement, I got into an accident because I was so worried.

Luckily this was the only injury that I got.

Then BAMMED! I got hit by the announcement at work. It was so bad. I did not know what to do. I was so upset that I kept on eating even though I felt full. This is definitely one of the way the medicine will not work, if you make a conscious effort to still eat. The next few days was terrible. I was lucky I had a two day leave so I could go through all the emotions.

So basically this was my playlist of Spotify, which sums up my feelings during that time. This is the anxiety and mood swing working at full swing *pun intended. My stress level was so high, when I check at my local doctor office, my blood pressure was higher compared to before I took Adipex, which is the common side effect that Dr Elaine had previously mentioned. I had to calm down, after going back to work, I sorted out my issues and I managed to calm down. I had to, I wanted to live long enough for the Adipex to work and I had a vacation planned in a few days after that.
You know what happened?

I enjoyed my vacation. I had my ups and down, but that is life, but I love it. I did feel I already lost a bit of weight because I was able to buy a jacket from Uniqlo and it actually fit, albeit snug.

So I think Adipex is definitely one way for you to manage your weight. Remember all that time in the gym will mean nothing if you don’t control your food. I think it’s like 80% food and 20% gym. So let me control my food intake first and let me develop my healthy habits before I journey off into gym world. I did skip a few days of Adipex and yes somehow the food cravings came back. Nevertheless I stuck to my guns, I did have a nibble and a nibble only just to ensure I won’t go broke by eating everything in sight.

My next appointment with Dr Elaine will discover how much I really lost after taking Adipex. Depending on my budget, I might continue for another 2 months, just to ensure that I will get the best results. Besides, that Uniqlo jacket must fit me for the next trip I make to another cold climate.

If you are interested in taking Adipex, prescribed by a qualified practitioner, you can visit them at:-

Premier Clinic Bangsar
40, Jalan Telawi,
 Bangsar Baru,
59100 WP
Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +6012-662 5552 (contactable 7 days a week from 8am- 10pm)
Fax: +603 2282 1120

If you need more information or you need to chat with them online you can always visit them at

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