Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bella Swan into Bella Cullen

I have nothing to write actually, since Twilight and New Moon is the rage right now, might as well make it into a blog post :p, and get more hits :p. Its not like I am typing something against my own will. Thanks to boredom and curiosity I managed to read Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. I already asked my youngest sister to get the Breaking Dawn book back from her friend. As you know these are all the books in the Twilight Saga. So for this entry, I plan to write about the main character in all of these books, which is Isabella Marie Swan, or better know as Bella (Bella is the Italian word for beautiful).

Bella is described as a character that is quite matured for her age. This is because she takes care of her mother who is more spontaneous and quite forgetful sometimes. When staying with her father at Forks, she takes care of the house such as doing laundry, making dinner and cleaning up the house. Bella and Jacob jokes with each other, saying that they are both in their 30s and 40s. Even her mother Renee agrees that Bella is much older than her age. Bella is a sarcastic person and loves to use this in her humour for example when people asked her why she is so pale even though she lived in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, she just replied with a straight face that she is part albino (not true at all, her mom and dad are normal). She can be incredibly self centered sometimes, when Edward open up to her and told that he can read everyone minds except her, the only thing she worried was that there was something wrong with her because her mind was unreadable. It even goes on when Jacob told her that he does not age as fast as normal human, Bella freaked out because Edward is immortal and she is getting older each day because unlike Jacob the werewolf and Edward the vampire, she is human. There is a excerpt in the book where she screamed out of frustration to Jacob "You're a werewolf, Edward's a vampire... so?? I'm a Virgo!!!" That just made laugh so hard =)). Bella self centreness even goes to assume that if Angela, one of her close human friend, is a witch, she could join the party of the immortals. She can be selfish for wanting to be a vampire as soon as possible so that she could spend the eternity with Edward.

It shows that Bella has no problems with vampires, but only the Cullens, since when Edward wants to introduce her to his vampire family , all she worries is that they might not like her, instead of thinking she could be their next meal. Bella however shows strong fear against other vampires such the human blood drinking vampires such as The Volturi when she was frightened when the The Volturi had a meal with tourist that they rounded up in a guided tour.

Bella is the girl who fell in love with a vampire and ends up becoming one. As you can see, these the artist impression of how Bella would look like as a vampire. In the Twilight Saga, vampired have pale ivory white skin, devoid of imperfections with dark purple circles under their eyes. Since these are "vegetarian" vampired meaning that they only drink animal blood, their eyes are the color of honey or butterscotch. They have increase speed, strength and senses. Their skin is cold and hard as marble. They are immortal and only can be killed if they are cut into pieces and burned. If you don't burn the pieces, the pieces will start to connect to each other and the vampire will be healed.

Some vampires will have special abilities that they carried from their former lives, such as Edward empathic feeling toward other allowed him to read minds, while Jasper charisma for increasing the morals of his soldiers around him allow him to control their feelings. Bella is special since when she was human she can block any mental attack or powers that is directed to her such as Edwards mind reading power and Jane pain inducing mental powers. After being transformed into a vampire, she was told by a nomadic vampire that her power is a type mental shield to protect her from mental attacks. Bella was taught by Kate, a vampire from the Denali coven whose power is to generate electricity from her skin, to project her shield so that it will cover the people around her. This ability is very valuable to the Cullens family to avoid any future threats from vampires who try to hurt them. Bella shield ability, along with Edward mind reading, Alice future readings, and Jasper emotion control, the Cullens family are probably the strongest vampire coven in the book.
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