Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Talking, its something I love to do. Every one I knows know how much of a talker I am. Sometimes I make a great company when you are bored, but I can talk you to death, boredom or till you go insane. Its something that absolutely love to do, despite sometimes ago I feel like a quite person, which is total bull crap really. I love to talk, to communicate, to sms, to instant messaging, especially with my Blackberry Messenger. However, there is a secret I have that I do with talking, sometimes people caught me off guard doing this, and I have to sheepishly admit that I actually did it.

I talk to myself, by myself, against myself or have a complete monologue with myself. I do this everywhere I go, usually I think people don't noticed it, but sometimes people caught me off guard mumbling to myself. My lab mates and staff all have caught me talking in serious tone or laughing out loud to myself. All them had this bewildered look, whether Budlee has gone off the deep end or something. Well to late, I have gone off the deep end, fell down and now in the valley of insanity.

Its something I do to calm myself or to make things more clearly to myself. There are times where my friends are not available to me, so I had to talk to someone, so I ended up talking to myself. Sometimes I pretend the person I wanted to talk too was there too. I make a perfect audience to myself, someone who listen, give feedback and don't ask question that I could not ask. I am doing a lot of that know, even more, probably because I am beginning to start a new relationship and I am freaked out that I might freak this new person out with my freakish behaviour, now doesn't that sound freaky.

Well we all have our own ways to escape from the real world now and then. That is my why, how yours? how do you escape your reality?
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