Monday, December 14, 2009

Plan changes

I hate it when plan changes. I wanted to service the mercedes but I ran out of oil, so I had to buy one without the 30% employee discount my sister could becoz I wanted to save time. I wanted to find out if the window was malfunctioning only to find out my brother forgot to mention that they switched the rear window button with the front. When I asked about the ringing sound of the exhaust it end up being the starter dying on me. When I asked about our Myvi engine mounting cost, our mechanic replied it would cost us nearly RM 1000 but when I called Perodua, it cost only RM 550. When I called Perodua about my Viva parts, one of the parts which was the driver seat plastic side mold was still not available. The Naza Ria door lock is still broken and not repaired because my mechanic has not updated me, or the supplier has not updated them, which means I may have to drive to a Naza SC which is far in the heart of Cheras to get the parts. Don't I have a reason to go absolutely berserk now? Honestly if you were in my shoes....
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