Monday, December 14, 2009

Sick Off

Aren't you sick of my irritating emo post? Sure it makes interesting read, but its the same dull thing really. Life does not have to suck that much really. I guess this is just an outlet to let go of some steam. Although I love to give my greatest gratitude for those who seem to able to just click on my link whether on a friends blog or the search engine. Its almost the end of the year, almost the end of my master and I feel helpless sometimes. Maybe its procrastination, maybe its just moody, maybe I just can focus well.

This so called moodiness and irritation probably originated from my dad. It could be genetics because it seems he is able to be ticked off without a moments notice, just like how I can be. Its very bad to suddenly go berserk for no apparent reason, apparently all the men in this family does it from time to time, but we do have a mother, so some of her traits must be buried deep under that male testosterone.

Maybe its because I woke up quite late today, or shall I say my normal wake up time. Or its because I almost thought, it was still the weekend. Anyways, I feel I should let this be a setback, even though I do stay at home more often that I should. Its usually filled with household errands. Another brother in the house is quite useless really, and to limit my confrontation with him, I prefer to just have very little contact with him regardless of my mood. Since most of the time I want to chew his straighten hair head off. Let's just say in the future, he WILL NEVER STAY IN TE SAME HOUSE as I do. I would rather pay him to live somewhere.

Its sucked that there is 6 cars in the house. Sure its sounds great, but in reality, 4 of them is my responsibility, and if I haven't driven it for a long time, something is bound malfunction, since 3 of the 4 cars under my care is more than 4 years old. I don't get it why would you get a 9 year hire purchase loan for a car. After the 4th year, problems will appear, and you need to pay for the repairs while still paying for your car loan. Very few would actually finish paying their cars within 5 years, and even rarer will pay them in 3 years. Although this limits then to Viva and Saga, at least they would be smiling since they are not paying that much interest rate.

My Viva is paid in 7 years, so that is not so bad at all, plus there is a 3 year factory warranty and a extended 3 year insurance warranty. The factory warranty covers everything while the insurance warranty cover around 3/4 of it, but that is okay. Anyways perhaps I should take the opportunity of waking up late to service our aging 18 year old Mercedes, its becoming a family heirloom now. At least that would make me feel much better this irritating Monday morning
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