Sunday, December 27, 2009

Houses to Houses

I was almost proactive going from house to house this weekend. First it was my aunts and uncles new Semi D just 10 minutes from where we live. They already have renovations done including flower carved iron wrought grill, and an extended kitchen. The kitchen is quite big, although the cabinets haven't been set up just yet. My aunt had two stove tops installed, one is a conduction stove, and the other is the normal gas stove. It was nice indeed along with the standard fitment of gas hood. She had this huge fridge too, which is even nicer. I then hung out at a friends house, in those high rise condo near KLCC. I liked his kitchen too, complete with everything you need to make magic in the kitchen. We all then went to another friend place in Pantai Hillpark for a dinner party. His kitchen was nice also, with built in oven, and one the rarest thing to have in Malaysia, a dishwasher. Its something I want in my house too :D. I love the look at the kitchen and bathroom of other peoples house. Its actually a good way to know how clean they are. If their bathroom are clean, the rest of the house will be as clean as well. If the kitchen is fully stock with appliances, dishes, and other accessories, you know they love having dinner at their place. My friend told me, if the porch, lawn, or balcony is well furnished, their interior house will be much more well furnished. So far its true in so many times, except for one of my friends place. The balcony is sparse, no make that, there is nothing there except dead plants clothes rack, but his house is fully furnished.
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