Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Talking or no talking

This is the second series of the talking subject. Right now, I did very little talking. Why? for once our lab tech has gone for a month long class for her degree. Second, I find that most of the stuff that comes out of my mouth with my close friends is about embarrassing things that happened to other people. That means 80% of the time I talk rubbish to them. Its kinda sad and pathetic isn't. So I try to not say anything remotely related to it, and all I got was plenty of awkward and silence moments.

I feel like I had withdrawal syndrome from this thing. I got very restless and easily angered. I was incredibly angry at the Celcom operator for not being any help at all to me. Road rage also increased, even though I drove a small sub compact. Its kinda scary how much just telling juicy details of a private life is so intoxicating.

I guess this is why we love to read trashy magazines and newspapers that only points out each person flaw. Its kinda funny that among the important people currently in my life now, two of them have heard stories about each other, and yet they barely know each other. Its was funny because I knew both of the rumors were not true at all, since I know them both very well. Now all I have to do, is to keep their heads from butting in each other.

Well I am gonna see, how long can I keep my trash talking to a bare minimum. I did talk some trash to a friend via blackberry but only because he was going to the same thing I was going through, and he does not have a clue who was I talking about. Some more he belongs to different clique, but then people get to know each other. Before you know it, stories have travelled faster than some downloading porn movies..
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