Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Simple As That

How many seconds are there in 16 hours. 960…. Yep… that was what I inserted in the thermocyler machine on how long I want it to reheat my PCR tubes. If you are the type that gets math quite fast, then you know off the bat, that is WRONG!!!!! Well some how when I wrote it down on paper, I forgotten that there is 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minute in an hour. I skiped one of the 60s number in my calculation. So instead of happily waiting for the reaction to finish at 11.30, since I started it around 8.30. I came to the lab at 10.30 to see the reaction has already finished. I sensed something was wrong, but I brushed it off, only when I wanted to start my second experiment on the same machine but with a different time spand, it dawn on me.. hmm 5 minutes in seconds is 300… wait.. but I inserted 960 yesterday for the other reaction.. CRAP!!!! 960 is only 16 min..so I waited all night (not wait la kan) slept all morning (that I did) but only to find out, nothing had happened..OUCH!!!! that stinks really bad.. So I got 4 reactions that has not reacted fully, my supervisor told me, test it first, but don’t rush into it. How ironic… I know I sense other people are telling me to go faster underneath their breath when they speak to me, but to have someone to tell me to slow down.. ooooooh.. Irony is cruel…
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