Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Ergh.. I feel my digestion system is going hay wire, it does not help that I drank more soft drinks than usual and had less veggies and fruit. I feel very lagged and bogged down. I need something get me moving again. I used to drink coffee and herbal teas a lot. Coffee is very good actually, despite the corny and kinda false information given by Maya Karin. Yes, coffee beans does have antioxidants, but how much of it really survived the roasting process anyway. Caffeine is a good stimulant. According to my pharmacology book, its great to treat boredom, increased alertness and increase overall happiness. It also aids in improving bowel movements in the intestines, which makes doing number two in the john, so much more easier. I guess that is why so many people are happy in Starbucks, Coffeebeans and Kopitiams. However, caffeine dose in human beings varied irradically among people. Some can drink 4 cups with out any effect, some take a sip and then either break out in pimples, goes on a diarrhea marathon, or fall asleep. Yes, fall asleep, too much caffeine actually causes you to fall asleep more. Tea is also good, with so many variety of it, you so many choices. The most popular tea is the black tea, which is the fermented tea, while green tea is now the thing to drink among health conscious individuals. Most people thought green tea and black tea comes from a different plant, but actually its from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. Green tea is the wilted and unoxidized tea leaf. We also have white tea, which is unwilted and unoxidize, yellow tea, unwilted, unoxidized, but allowed to yellow, and oolong tea, wilted, partly oxidized and bruised . All from the same plant but processed differently. The teh tarik that we drink is the black tea, which is the most processed. There is also these herbal teas. Most of the time they don't contain the same plant that we produce teas, but made from flowers or fruits.

Herbal teas from Cambodia, I only managed to drink one bag of the 4 that was given to me. Love it.. very different from regular tea. Its feels like diet tea, since it warms you up inside, and makes you go to the toilet often. I stopped drinking it, and now I feel huge again. Back to drinking these things again..
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