Thursday, October 15, 2009

Block, Random. Free

I can't believe I have writers block. I used to be able to write stuff in my blog. When there are boundaries and stuff that I put it. I became stuck.. Ergh.. I hate being stuck. I think I almost forgotten the main reason I have a blog. Just like my title desription, its about my rants and raves and the many personality that can manifest in me. When it comes to writing, if you write it, people will read it. Bad, good, nerdy, emo.. if people complained or talked about it, then it means your doing something right eh.. :D

Speaking of being emo, yes I do feel a bit emo now. I was really off today, probably a conversation hit a nerve somewhere that caused me to be a bit off. Well I do feel a bit better after a bit of snacking, a bit of music, huge quantity of water, which I will regret later in morning. So far, I think its okay right.. The only thing not right, is the amount of mess that accumulates in my room. Hate cleaning up, but how am I supposed to have that IKEAish home I dream, if I can't keep my room clean first.. :D

Nanaodrop Machine. So cool, can measure practically anything as long as its in a liquid form.

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