Friday, October 23, 2009

Smooth and Soft

I have a love hate relationships with lotions and creams. I love when used on my face to treat acne, to even out the colours of the skin, to prevent skin darkening, to prevent burning and to prevent skin cancer depending of the type of cream and lotion you buy. Its something I do religiously after every time I take a shower since I was 12. Lotion on other parts of the body is the hate part of the relationships. I just like to put it on my hands, feet and body. Lotions and creams as you know are greasy, even though they say its not greasy, its going to be greasy the first 15 minutes, and if you do sweat, or get contact with water, you can feel the lotion seeping out of your skin and making it more greasy. I feel I do get 8 glasses of water each day but certain parts of my body looks like the dessert. On my hands, the sides of the nails gets chapped and dry, which will puncture and rip the latex glove that I need to use everyday. The sole of my feet dry so badly, it becomes hard, chapped and thick, sometimes its so chapped its like an open wound, and it hurts when I walk. It also traps dirt which worsen the condition. My elbows, knees, knuckles and ankles, are black due to accumulation of melanin and dry because of I don't know why. Since I washed my hands more frequently now, since I work in the lab, the sides of the nails gets chapped even more, which requires me to carry a bottle of lotion with me to the lab. I have to apply cream to the sole of my feet or it would cracked up to a wound. I feel like the Tin Man, from Wizard of OZ from having to grease my joints. Putting lotion on your face is different, because once you put it on, you don't touch your face nor do you pressed your face on objects. If I put lotion on my hands and feet, I need at least 10 minutes for myself, to not touch anythings, or it will leave a greasy mark and at least 1 hour before I can touch liquids. Ergh.. the results are nice with smooth soft skin, but the treatment is so bad and its for the rest of my life. I just can't see my skin getting oily as my face and scalp. I guess all the moisture from my hands, feet and joints goes to my face and scalp, because the face and scalp are the two things that get oily easily.

Quality ingredients has its price, the white bottle, Paula's Choice Body Lotion with 10% alpha hydroxy is RM90 for a 237 ml bottle, packed with antioxidants and soothing ingredients, while the Nivea Body Intensive Milk retails at RM 2.90 for 75ml bottle, is a basic moisturizer that, well does a basic job. As I am writing this, I am waiting for the lotion to fully absorb. Now I have baby smooth hands, but greasy...

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